investment in property

Are you investing in property?

Doing research and having us by your side is the key to success in investing. There are various investment loan options, and it pays to compare them before selecting. We will guide you to the solutions that are best suited for your requirements.

We have consolidated some frequently asked questions below, and visit our FAQs page to read all of the questions. Have any questions? Contact us today! We are currently offering free consultations.

investment in property

Not Exactly! In most cases, the same home loan types and features apply to investors. However, some lenders can charge a higher rate if the associated risk is more significant.

It is pretty standard for investors to use their home equity as a deposit, and most banks will accept equity in your home as collateral. This can potentially allow you to borrow the property’s total purchase price, including all costs (stamp duty and other fees), without providing any cash. However, when you use your home as collateral, if you can not fund the mortgage for your investment property, both your investment property and the house will be at risk. There are still many options out there that will better suit your requirements. Get in touch with one of our mortgage brokers, and they will help you out.

*It applies to investment property only. In straightforward terms, if expenses are more than the income you earn from holding investment property in that particular financial year, it is called negative gearing. It is a ‘tax loss’ that you can claim in your tax return every year if you hold on to an investment property. It applies throughout life.

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